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To Help More People, an Advisor Who Did Something Offbeat: Abandon the Profession

Business of Business – author pg

Metaverse stylists see a booming business in virtual clothes

The fashion industry generates tons of waste. These companies are helping brands change that.

The future of retail is coming. It won’t have cashiers.

The “sustainable” product you’re buying is probably not as green as you think


10 New Business Books Worth Adding to Your Collection

10 Inspiring Business Leaders to Follow on Instagram

Set Financial Goals That Stick for 2022

2021 Tax Write-offs for Small Business Owners

Motivating Yourself to Set 2022 Goals

Virtasant – author page

Nine Global Organizations that are Making Space for Women in Tech

6 takeaways from the book that empowers women in AI

The ‘Future Leaders in Technology’ Scholarship: Meet the Winners

Propmodo author page

Public art’s influence on property value

The Atlantic / CityLab

Inventing a Better Ticketing Machine in Sweden

A City-Wide Bike Lane That Wants to Be a ‘Piece of Copenhagen in Berlin’

Forbes – Forbes column

Vanessa Branson’s Top 8 Career Tips For Creative Entrepreneurs

Notes From The Top: Auma Obama On Leadership For Youth

Notes From The Top: How Philip B. Won Over Hollywood

7 Reasons Why You Should Give A Hoot About Newsletters

Dan Formosa on 9 Things to Stop Doing in Innovation

The Other D-school: HPI Director Ulrich Weinberg on Going from IQ to WeQ Thinking

5 Things to Learn From Artists Like Yoko Ono, James Franco and Raymond Pettibon

GOOD magazine

One $500 Shirt Could Soon Change The Way You Look At Pollution

Are non-tacky light shows the future of electronic music?

The Cyborg Who Stole The Armory Show

Motherboard (all VICE clippings: Author Page)

This Old School Wearable Puts a Thousand Languages Around Your Neck

Consumers May Be Ignoring Wearables But The Construction Industry Isn’t

Why French Search Engine Qwant Thinks It Can Beat Google

Wearables Double Down on Fashion at CES to Cling to Relevancy

Why Hearables Could Be the Next Big Thing in Wearable Devices

The World’s First Cyborg Artist Can Detect Earthquakes With Her Arm

Lisbon’s New Technology Museum Is a Fine Piece of Sci-Fi Architecture

How a Wearable Device May Help the Blind Navigate the World Like a Video Game

The Wearable Device That Changes Colors Every Time You Change Direction

Robot Customer Service Will Dominate Travel in the Future

The Future of Routers Might Look Like A ‘Jewel’ Plugged Into The Wall

Your First Step to Becoming A Cyborg: Getting This Pierced In You

The First Print Shop for Paintings Made By Bots

Dodging Stray Bullets in Lebanon With The World’s First Bulletproof Headscarf

Step into a Replica of Julian Assange’s Office

This Fashion Designer Wants to Save the Lives of Refugees

Where Do Old iMacs Go Anyway? Right, They’re Upgraded Into Aquariums

The Creator of the First Online Dating Site Is Still Dating Online

Internet Sleepovers Are a Thing You Didn’t Know About

How We’ve Played Videogames Through the Ice and Snow

Drones Are Spying on Chinese Mountain Yaks

Watch a Code Worm Do the Locomotion

The Robots of Christmas

This Crowdfunded Hot Rod Is Made of Lego and Powered by Air

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Looks Forward to Freeing Political Prisoners, Checking Out Twitter

‘Cache Monet’ Woos Art Collectors with GIFs

Delivery Drones Are Already Flying in Germany

A Survey of Crypto Art, to Celebrate the Year of the Cryptocalypse

How a Painting Robot Was Given an Artist’s Soul

Take a Tour of Teufelsberg, Berlin’s Abandoned NSA Listening Station

Giving Machines a Voice: Artist Martin Riches Creates Art That Talks

Programming Computers with Dirt: Earthboot Powers PCs with Geological Energy

You Either Love Anklepants, the Melancholic Robotic Phallus Face of Electronic Music, or You Don’t

Bitcoin Exchange Berlin Is Bringing Digital Currency to Market

A Chat with the Icelandic MP Who Wants to Ban Porn

The Augmented Reality Portraiture of Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey

Constant Dullaart, URL Killer

Creator’s Project

Is Slovakia The Next New Media Epicenter? | The Creators Project

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