About Me

Nadja Sayej is a Canadian reporter, broadcaster, photographer and cultural critic based in Berlin, Germany. In covering architecture, travel, design, technology and art, she writes for The New York Times, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Harper’s Bazaar and The Economist, among others.
With a focus on celebrity interviews, arts, entertainment, celebrities and comedy, Nadja is acclaimed as the web-tv host of ArtStars*, where she has interviewed hundreds of world-renowned artists and celebrities including Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono and John Waters. She made headlines for conducting the first-ever jpeg interview with Douglas Coupland, as well as interviewing French artist Cyprien Gaillard atop a pyramid of beer (all press here).
In 2010, she began a practical how-to ebooks company ArtStars* Books, which teaches artists to be business savvy entrepreneurs. “The ArtStars* Guide to Getting Your Shit Together” is an inspiration, instructional guide to help aspiring artists gain control of their public image, financially profit while creating a compelling vision for their career. Nadja is interested in working with new editors, public speaking and book writing. She is also a rapper named Snowe White and is a standup comedian.