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Here is some of my real estate reporting, from residential to commercial and interior design and interviews with architects for publications like Architectural Digest and Mansion Global.

Architectural Digest

AD Talks to Architect Santiago Calatrava About His Landmark Pavilion in Dubai

Facts You Didn’t Know About the Original World Trade Centers

The Untold Story of New York’s One World Trade Center

Exclusive Look Inside the World’s Tallest Residential Skyscraper

The World’s Largest Astronomy Museum Opens Its Doors

Are We Approaching the Death of the Hotel Lobby?

Mansion Global

The Pandemic Brought a Renewed Interest in True Craftsmanship, Says French Furniture Maker

New Developments Can Learn a Thing or Two From New York’s Prewar Buildings, Architect Says

Good Lighting Design Makes All the Difference, Says L.A.-Based Architect

Off-Plan Condo Buyers Are Demanding a More Bespoke Experience, Designer Says

The Future of High-End Homes Has Sustainability at Its Core, Says California Developer

Designer Rodrigo Vargas on Bringing Ultra-Luxury to Oakland

Pininfarina’s Jairo Vives on Central American Luxury

Almaden Offers Stunning Landscape and Quality Schools in the Heart of Silicon Valley


Brick & Mortar Retailers Are Reimagining the In-Person Luxury Experience

A Luxury Retail Revival at Airports Around the World

Leverageauthor profile

Inside the Zero-Carbon Building Certification Program

Enter the World of Virtual Real Estate

NYC’s Central Park Tower Reaches New Heights in Luxury Living New York City

What to Expect at the XI Chelsea Opening Next Year

An Update on NYU’s Superbuilding, 181 Mercer Street

Propmodoauthor page

Byte sized real estate investments

The increasing value of outdoor urban spaces

Public art’s influence on property value

How art consultants are adding value to commercial buildings

9 firms changing real estate with artificial intelligence

LED glass is about to make our buildings much more entertaining

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