Film and TV

A photo I took of Lady Gaga at the Venice Film Festival

Here are some of my film reviews and interviews with film professionals, including reports I’ve made while trotting around at global film festivals, galas, events and even TV reviews (live from my sofa).

Set Design

In Nightmare Alley, Art Deco Furniture Stars Alongside Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper

The Serpent Is Netflix’s New Visually Arresting Murder Mystery

Following Lady Gaga and Adam Driver Across Italy

WandaVision: Inside The Retro Sets

Lupin’s Portrayal Of The Real Paris Is Positively Thrilling

Costume Design

Ruth E Carter: ‘Nothing is set in stone until the camera starts rolling’

‘Mrs. America’ Costume Designer Breaks Down Phyllis Schlafly’s and Gloria Steinem’s 1970s Outfits


Talking to the executive producer of Big Mouth about their next spinoff

Moonbase 8 is the funniest space sitcom since Alf


This new Hulu doc ‘I Am Greta’ charts the rise of climate activism

Six of the Best Films from the Venice Film Festival 2020 – Vanity Fair

‘Joker’ hurts deep on an emotional level — The Face

Heidi Klum Debuts Elaborate Alien Costume at 20th Annual Halloween Party — The Hollywood Reporter

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